About Us


Our experience in Cyclades and mainly the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos makes us feel comfortable with the top concierge services we offer. Villas, apartments and hotel bookings are our specialty and then all services that can be accompanied in order to make your vacations easier and more comfortable while unforgettable. High gastronomy offered in plates by our chefs, restaurants and bar reservations, local hints and tips are our passion and what everybody needs while on this fascinating ‘Island of Winds’.

Our Mission

Is to create unique unforgettable summer moments to those who choose us. We have the honor to make real people’s dreams and demands. Our purpose is to be all so simple and well organized in order for you to just lay back and relax!

Our Vibe

Our vibe attracts our tribe! We treat our clients as friends in order to feel comfortable and become part of our family year by year! Our Team grows slowly and we try to go with the island’s trend and rhythm! So do you!

Why Us

Local Expertise

Personal Services


Hand Picked Villas

Strong Professional Network

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